The goal of the Bacaanda Foundation, (known in Mexico as El Sueño Zapoteco, literally “the Zapotec Dream”) is to empower rural communities to turn dreams for a better future into reality. Our programs are designed to help local indigenous and Mestizo communities succeed on their own. We work in partnership with community leaders to create an environment where families can thrive.


Sport                                                                                                                  muestra-los-Olivos-1-1 
Thanks to generous donations made by soccer players worldwide, the Bacaanda Foundation has been able to outfit teams with uniforms, cleats, balls and other soccer equipment. Through our ongoing soccer clinics and gear donation program we are creating more opportunities for children to experience the joys of playing on a team with their friends.

At the Bacaanda Foundation we believe in the value of healthy athletics. Our programs have now expanded to include construction of community playgrounds and multiuse sports fields.


Dental                                                                                                                   muestro-3-de-mayo-1-1-1
The Bacaanda Foundation has responded to the need for dental care in remote areas by building regional dental clinics in the towns of San Felipe Lachillo and Santiago Xanica.

In keeping with our philosophy of community engagement both clinics have now been turned over to the local municipalities. Each community-operated dental clinic now treats hundreds of needy adults and children every year. A third clinic is in the very early planning stages.

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