The members of community Copalita (San Miguel del Puerto) have asked Aventura Mundo for our help in developing a sustainable tourism project, both to attract more tourists to current activities on offer i.e. the Iguanatarium; and to help put in place the foundations for future activities in which a greater portion of the community can get directly involved in.
We feel that it is in part our responsibility to help the local communities as a tourism operator utilizing the local village resources; and as such feel it is important to give something back to the people of the region to ensure growth and prosperity for future generations to come

Our idea of regional development in terms of tourism is based on two plans of action. Firstly utilizing the local resources of the waterways we hope to introduce a commercially viable

Shrimp farm to supplement the income of the Papayas grown locally. This phase of the plan will help provide year round revenue streams and employment as well as highlighting the regions cuisine and natural resources. The business opportunities here are quite substantial with possibilities of wholesale production, retail outlets and restaurants all catering to the tourism market where we hope to establish an iconic product that will be associated with the region. Very similar to the marketing of Maple Syrup in Canada or Wine in France, we hope to build on the rural resources in order to establish a clear identity of the region and its inhabitants and to promote its visitation.

The second part of our plan is oriented towards the development of an “Eco” base that encompasses accommodation, tours, eateries and various activities. Currently we have ear-marked a zone to act as a base situated on the river front of Copalita village 30mins from Tangolunda. This beautiful site with old trees and wide green grasslands is the ideal spot to carefully establish the base headquarters for which all the activities will flow from. We propose to erect palapa cabins and to develop a camping ground along with dining restaurants (allowing the partial sale of local production) for those wishing to spend a few nights within the confines of the village.

We also have access to 12 km of trail to create walking tracks, horseback riding and mountain bike trails that lead to “Magic waterfalls”. We propose to build a series of zip lines between the two mountain sides and from the hills to the river, and further plan to offer adventure activities such as Rappelling, Canopy Tree Top Expedition utilizing the mountain walls and cliffs that backdrop the base. All this to complement the existing that include Rafting or floating down the river through the bird sanctuary after the visiting the Iguanatarium
The marketing of this base is aimed not only at international visitors on holiday but also to local educational institutions offering environmental studies, biodiversity research groups, local schools, and recreation and sports clubs.

Would you like to help? Currently we are in negotiations with University del Mar for assistance with government grants aimed at developing indigenous communities such as Copalita. Please feel free to contact us with any donations, ideas, or questions you might have so together, we can all work and build a future; that is in balance with the present needs of the community.